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Domain Racer Review

DomainRacer is among the top hosting sites in India, DomainRacer provides a great platform for website seekers to choose a domain for themselves and buy hosting for their website – all of this at some of the cheapest rates on the internet. With hundreds of five-star testimonials from various users across different platforms, DomainRacer might be the perfect hosting site that you’re looking for. DomainRacer provides premium features on their hosting sites and is a fully managed hosting service. They also provide a free website builder, because […]

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Fast Comet Review

Fast Comet started their web hosting business in 2013. It is among the few web hosting companies who have managed to run their business for many years without customer complaints. That’s why its number of customers has  reached  millions. Their head office and data centers are located in San Francisco, California, London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Singapore, Tokyo, and Bulgaria. Some of the worlds most popular websites are hosted on their servers. However, there is some initial information which one needs to be aware of before paying for the web […]

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What is shared hosting

When you decide to host your website you’re going to have many web hosting options at your disposal that may confuse you in the first time. Each hosting company has several hosting plans with different prices and features. It all depends on your budget and hosting requirements.  because there are many options,  you  need to make a decision if are to going to go with shared, VPS  or dedicated hosting. In this article we will discuss only  shared hosting. Shared hosting is one of the most popular […]

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