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Bluehost is one of the web hosting companies recommended by WordPress. It was  founded by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth. BlueHost started selling their services in the year 2003. Today, they have more than 750 employees all around the world and are known as one of the best web hosting companies. The servers of the company are located in Utah, Provo. The total area of their data center is more than 50,000 square feet.

The company started by selling very basic web hosting services but today they also offer dedicated hosting services. To know more about Blue Host, read my following review.

Bluehost  provides three shared hosting options to choose from (Basic for $3.95/month , Plus and Prime both are for $5.95/month).  You  should note the  advertised pricing for hosting in most web hosting companies including blue host is usually for a three year contract. If you want a one year or two year contract, then you should expect to pay more.

Price and Plans:

The web hosting is the main attraction of  Blue Host which makes the company popular but the company also offers other hosting services like VPS, Dedicated, Cloud and WordPress. All of them are divided into sub-hosting plans.

Below are the details regarding the BlueHost Prices and Plans:

  • Shared Web Hosting: Starting from $3.95 to $5.95 per month
  • Cloud Hosting: Starting from $6.95 to $20.00 per month
  • WordPress Hosting: Starting from $3.95 to $5.95 per month
  • Next-Gen VPS Hosting: Starting from $19.99 to $59.99 per month
  • Dedicated Hosting: Starting from $79.99 to $119.99 per month

Blue Host Shared Hosting Plans

Blue host Prices




WordPress managed hosting

Bluehost supports WordPress websites too. They have special  servers that are designed to run WordPress efficiently. The company boasts  a technology that will offer reliability, performance, and functionality for WordPress websites.

Website migration

Website migration is another important service offered by Bluehost. The company has a team of experts that assist their customers to migrate from one hosting company to Bluehost. All your data, emails, and sites will be completely moved to Bluehost without any loss.

Customer support

Bluehost also offers an excellent customer support to its ever-growing list of customers. The company provides adequate customer support via telephone, email and tickets that ensures that you can get in touch with the company’s Customer Support department whenever you have a complaint or inquiry.

Free domain name

Bluehost also offers free domain names to new subscribers to any of its plans. This will reduce the expenses to whoever wants to engage their web hosting hiring services.

Blue Host Refund Policy

The company offers 30 days money back guarantee. This option is only available for the new users. There is no hidden fee when you ask for the refund. The company has made the whole refunding process easy.

Security by BlueHost:

Security of the data and information hosted on Bluehost is taken seriously by the company. There are different tools which BlueHost uses to protect their customer’s data but among them, Apache Spam Assassin, Spam Hammer, and Spam Experts are the most powerful. The company offers e-commerce and WordPress hosting too which comes up with free SSL certificates. The free SSL certificates are also offered on their basic web hosting plans as well.

Backup options:

BlueHost offer 100% free backup services on all of their hosting plans. They create the backup of their users’ sites on a daily basis. There are some restrictions on the basic plans but still, this includes some amount of free backup for everyone. For dedicated hosting, they have specific rules for the backup but those advanced plans are also included in the free regular base backup options for all customers.

Bluehost Uptime:

For more than 15 years BlueHost has offered their services successfully. The main reason behind their success is their server’s uptime which is 99.9% and 100% mostly throughout the year. This also guarantees the good website loading speed.


  • WordPress Hosting is the same price as shared hosting
  • Fast Page Loading
  • Good Security Options
  • Many Integrations and Apps
  • Free Advertising Money


  • Site Migrations Aren’t Free
  • Their tech support is not as fast as some other hosts.
  • Some hosting services are cheaper than Bluehost. such as Hostinger, iPage,          and fastcomet.


BlueHost  is one of the popular old hosting companies and it is one of the web hosts recommended by WordPress . They  offer a variety of hosting options at prices that start at $3.95/month.  By using BlueHost, it is easy to create attractive and stable web pages for your blog or business.

For more information visit Blue Host Official Website

blue host review


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